23 April, 2009

Engine Sentai Go-onger the Movie


Starts with the Gaiark Pollution Ministers attempting to tear off the dimensional barriers that separate the Braneworlds and reviving 13 Barbaric Machine Beast to help their purpose out, the Go-Onger steps out to stop their evil doings and manages to scrap the 13. However, the three mysterious lights comes from the portal and reveals to be Honoshu, breaking the Engine thus causing the Go-Ongers lost the primary Engine Cast. In order to get their Engine Cast back, they decides to chase the mysterious and let themselves to be sucked into the Braneworld of Samurai World.

Upon their arrival in Samurai World, they run into trouble and ends up by being saved by one of the mysterious Samurais, Tsukinowa who brings them to others. However, Raiken and Gokumaru, the servants of Maki are after their Engine Souls and their appearance forced the Samurais to transform in Engine Souls and fails to combine with the Go-Onger's Engine Cast.

Learning the Honoshu's story, they race off to Maki's castle to retrieve the Engine Casts for Honoshu. However, they have to fight with the Maki's servants as well as Red Go-Onger have to fight on one-to-one with Maki. The Go-Ongers destroy the Maki's Yoma Servants and successfully obtain Shinoshin and Tsukinowa's Engine Cast. Sosuke is overwhelmed by Maki until The Honoshu arrives and offers their aid by destorying Maki. Maki grows into her monsterous form, revealing Restutaka's Engine Cast inside her.
Once the Honoshu get their own Engine Casts, they decides to fight Maki in Engine Daishogun form, inviting Sosuke to pilot them. After their victory, Engine Daishogun turns to stone.

Heeding the Honoshu's advice, the Go-Ongers has to move forward and return to their world.


Remember the post about Go-Onger I wrote in the blog last year? Now the Go-Onger have very own special movie named Boom Boom! Bang Bang! Gekij┼ŹBang!! =D This plot setting is totally different from Go-Onger's usual story path. It's because they go to other Braneworld. Samurai World! I always want to watch Samurai fighting. Now I am much happier as it has been released on youtube.com even with subtitles on. ^^

This story has drawn a lot of sympathy from me when I watched this movie as this story emphasized on the life appreciation. This teach us to value our precious thing while we are still alive and kicking! Otherwise, we will forget how to appreciate if we kept abandoning something. Once you've lost the precious thing, you will be likely lost in space! In this story, the Honoshu forget their important duty due to them being chickened out. The Go-Onger taught them not to forget that they are always the allies of justice although they are scared or over-confident!

What I like about this movie is the Honoshu's Engine....Their Engines look very cool... Similiar to Speedor, Bus-on and Bearrv's design, the Honoshu's Engine is modified to be resembled to Samurai's style... O.O And only available in red, black and gold! When they are combined, they become Engine Daishogun! Very samuraish!

Alright, you should watch this movie with your own eyes! Just type "Go-Onger Movie" in youtube.com and you will find a lot of them! Enjoy ya!



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