29 May, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of Crystal Skull


In 1957, Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalko leads a convoy of Soviet soldiers infiltrating a military base in the Nevada desert called "Hangar 51", where they force Indiana Jones to lead them to a crate holding the remains of an extraterrestrial creature that crashed ten years before in Roswell, New Mexico. When Jones attempts to escape, he is foiled by his old partner, George "Mac" McHale, who reveals that he is working with the Soviets. After a fight and an elaborate vehicle chase through the warehouse, Jones escapes on a rocket sled into the desert, where he stumbles upon a nuclear test town and survives a nuclear blast by hiding in a lead-lined refrigerator. While being debriefed, Jones discovers he is under FBI investigation because his friend Mac is a Soviet agent. After that, Jones is stopped by Mutt Williams and told that his old colleague, Harold Oxley, disappeared after discovering a crystal skull in Peru..

Mutt asked him to help to save his uncle, Harold and his mum..They still looking some clues which given by Oxley while they fled to Peru..What will happen to them when they be in the dangreous places? They can success to escape from Colonel Irnia and her soldiers? The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will wait for them! :D

To get more information about this movie, go visit the official website; http://www.indianajones.com


This is great story! It make me laugh more because Jones and Mutt also showed their comedy action while they are fighting with Colonel Irnia.. :D But, most of excited places are historical pyramid "Incan" and big waterfalls in Peru.. :O Beautiful.. But, this scenes where Indiana and others face, which was dangerous because there are got lot of explosive which used..o_O

What is the Crystal Skull and Nazca Lines? Your guess is as good as mine. But according to Wikipedia, as models of the human skull made entirely of quartz, crystal skulls are believed by some to have supernatural powers, including healing...:O About Nazca Line, it is true and still be mystery until now.. because it was discovered by the American scientist Paul Kosok in 1939..Who drew the lines in the sand? How? Ancient religion? Aliens from outer space? Ancient astronomers? A megalomaniac artist? Water sources? See more details ; http://www.crystalinks.com/nazca.html

28 May, 2008


This serial drama follows Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean traveling across the country with Dean's black 1967 Chevy Impala to investigate the paranormal events or other unexplained occurances, mostly of them based on American urban legends and folkore as well as classic supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves and ghosts.

Season One begins with Dean asking Sam to join him on a quest to find their father who is missing during his hunt. Sam reluctantly joins him to find father with a condition that Dean must send him back once the mission completed. After the mission is completed, Sam finds out that his girlfriend died on him so he eventually joins his brother in a journey to find his father and hunt down the murder of his girlfriend. During their adventure, they also do the side quest to keep the town clean from the supernatural being's disturbance.

After reuniting with their father, they learn out that the murder of their mother and Sam's girlfriend is a demon after all. At the same time, they are being attacked by some low-level demons to prevent them from killing Azazel who was responsible on the death of their mother and Sam's girlfriend. Once they find him, they successfully kill Azazel, but Azazel's plans are accomplished and the gate to Hell is opened momentarily, releasing a horde of demons into the world.

Now Sam needs to save Dean from his deal which costs his life to resurrect Sam in the finale of Season Two. Along the way, they meets a demon named Ruby who has an interest in Sam and claims to wish to help saving Dean as well as Bela Talbot, a seller of occult objects who is constantly a thorn in their side. They manage to track down the demon who holds the contract a powerhouse named Lilith who wants Sam dead. However, they ultimately fail to save Dean who, is in Hell afterwards.


Unlike the existing horror drama such as Ghost Whisperer or Charmed, I found out that it is really totally different in storyline, element, demonology and urban legend or folklore. The characters are quite pretty good. Their character can be funny and serious at the same time. They cherish each one too much which often causes people misunderstand that they are gay. That made me laugh and feel cute that the creator are able to bring it along with the humor and the entire series would look more contrast with different element.

I also like the supernatural beings in this series. All the supernatural beings has own uniqueness in their true origins, not like in Charmed which seems too common. For example, vampires is known as if the person is bitten by vampire would turn into a vampire. But in Supernatural, there are some different family category of vampires. This Supernatural drama channels to many versions of certain folklore, not only focus on one single folklore from one country.

19 May, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Last Sunday, I joined my friends to the cinema for the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Although I did watch the first sequel of The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe but I couldn't follow up the story due to its poor quality of DVD I bought... Hahaha.


In Telmarine territory of Narnia, King Miraz's wife Queen Prunaprismia give birth to a son, meaning that he has to kill Caspian in order to get Caspian's rightful throne for himself. Luckily,
Doctor Cornelius alerts Prince Caspian about King Miraz's intention to assassinate him then sends him out to flee.During his fleeing into Narnia's woods, Caspian encounters two Narnian dwarves and a talking badger in the woods. At same time, he is being chased by several Telmarine soliders. Feeling panicked, he blow Queen Susan's magic horn.

With the help from Nikabrik and Trufflehunter, Caspian forms an army of Narnian creatures to meet Miraz's human warriors by promising them he will return the land to them once he gains his throne back.

Back in England, one year having passed in their world since they first entered Narnia. In a country railway, the four Pevensie children notices the wall being sucked in when the subway trains pulls into the station and then the whole station tears apart to leave the children in Narnia. There, they discover Cair Paravel where was once their castle has turned to ruins.

The children save Trumpkin who is being captured while the Telmarine soldiers chase Caspian and about be drown in ocean by two Telmarine soldiers. Trumpkin realizes the children are the kings and queens of old then they set off together. On the journey, they bumps into Caspian and his troops who take them to Aslan's How.

They then become allies in an early battle in Miraz's castle, however their strategic was the mistake, which causes many animals die and they are forced to retreat. Now the war between good and evil escalates. Nibabrik, a rebellious dwarf wants to free White Witch. Aslan appears to Lucy.

King Peter drafts a one-to-one challenge to King Miraz and King Miraz accepts since his counsel show doubt of his bravery. With both armies surrounding them on the battlefield, they draw swords and duel so fiercely. In a moment of the fight, Miraz is knocked to the ground.

To everyone's surprise, his own lord stabs him in the back with a Narnian arrow and then blames the Narnians for shooting Miraz. He summons the army to amass an immense battle against the Narnians.

Middle of the battle, Aslan appears and renews the land by calling forth the dryads to ripple with movement again and awakening the river god to destory the massive man-made wooden bridge. It causes the surviving Telmarine soldiers has forced to surrender and hand over their weapons.

In celebration in the town of Beaversdam, Aslan announces that Peter and Susan no longer able to return to Narnia as they gains experiences in Narnia and are needed no more in there. Finally the children go back to England, leaving Caspian to get on his throne as King of Narnia.


Some said this movie is no better than the first one. Some said both sequels are equally the best. To me, this movie is really good and I do enjoyed this movie, I admit. This movie features most of positive values in this movie. As you can see, this movie is full with love, friendship, leadership, self-respect and etc. However, compared to the first sequel, the important element is missing in this second movie, which is the MAGIC!! Too many fights but not enough magic. I doubt why.

16 May, 2008


Dr House is a maverick medical genius and leads a team of elite and dedicated young experts in a quest to solve the medical curiosities and misdemeanors that other doctors fail to fathom. He is a mastermind physician whose unconventional thinking and instincts really set him apart from most other doctors and has landed himself a great deal of respect in the clinic!

Visit the official website http://www.fox.com/house/

House takes on a new step into medical drama, with the added mystery and mind boggling problems which, Dr. Gregory House and the rest of his highly trained medical team must find a solution about the mystery diseases which a patient has.. (Although those characters are just thrown in for more of a laugh really… this drama sometimes get comedy scene :D ) I like this scenes about how the doctors sneak into a house for finding a cause of disease, solve the questions by Dr. House while they are in the meeting..:P Funny, Dr. Chase always give correct answers, that it make Dr. House is mad..haha! I think that he also like to test his team doctors. :P

House is in many respects a medical Sherlock Holmes! :O This resemblance is evident in various elements of the series' plot, such as House's reliance on psychology to solve a case, his reluctance to accept cases he does not find interesting, his drug addiction, home address, playing of an instrument, relationship with Dr. James Wilson (a reference to Dr. John Watson), and his encounter with a crazed gunman credited as "Moriarty", which is the same name as Holmes' nemesis. That is why the series creator David Shore has said that Dr. House's name is meant as a "subtle homage" to Sherlock Holmes!

If you have time, check out the latest series on Monday Malaysia time at 10pm Astro AXN, channel 701 !

TITLE: AXN: House Running Diagnostic
DESCRIPTION:Play the online game and be the top 10 scorer!

14 May, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

If you like this movie, Kung Fu Panda, get this widget for your Friendster, Myspace, Blogger and etc.. Enjoy It! =D

13 May, 2008

Liar Game

In fact, I don't really fancy the Japanese serial drama. However, my colleagues recommended I should watch this Japanese serial drama, Liar Game. He believed I would be liking this drama. Alright, I just followed his suggestion up since I had nothing to do at that moment.


The story features Nao Kanzaki, a very naive and honest college student, receiving 100 million yen one day along with a card saying that she has been chosen to participle in the Liar Game, have "must" to trick other players into giving her their 100 million yen and leaving them in debt in order to win the game.

Her opponent is her former teacher, Kazuo Fujisawa deceives her so easily into giving her 100 million yen. She then discovers his true intentions, so she comes across Shinchi Akiyama, a genius swindler for a help to succeed winning the first round. To their dismay, a second round awaits them after the first round.

The second round is taken place in a mansion and the 22 players who won the first round participles as well. Instead of money, they are given a jewel worth 100 million yen each as "Game Money". They need to vote either "Yes" or "No" on random question and the minority of the result still remains while the majority leaves with a debt, 100 million yen again.

Shinichi joins as a substitute for someone who doesn't wish to continue in the game, wins the game, and then decides to divide the prize money to the people who had teamed up with him to win come so they could pay their debt. Because of being unable to play the cost of dropping himself out, he proceeds to the next round to find out who's behind it.

A week later, Nao receives an invitation to participle in the Liar Game Revival Round for those who lost previous rounds. She intends to win the Revival Round in order to get the money to pay cost for Shinichi to drop out. But her luck somehow turns to bad, everyone in this round is against her. Luckily Shinichi appears to help her to win.

Nao together with other players decides to proceed to third round with Shinchi then divides into two groups. A strange man joins one of its groups and becomes a rival to Shinichi. Who will win this last game? Will they able to capture the one behind it?


And my colleague was right. I have never watch such drama before and it makes me feel excited and curious at same time. I was wondering what is the purpose the person make Liar Game.. and the game system in each round is not very boring and dull because of the way of playing. Basically, the rules are still same but the way of playing differs from round to round. That's what makes me feel excited to watch.

By the way, this drama has gained the second highest viewer satisfaction rating for the season, in an Oricon survery. Wow, it's the best drama I ever watched! It's the first serial drama that made my heart kept pounding with its story development. I recommend you guys must watch this serial drama too, I insist!

Oh yeah, Liar Manga does exist in manga series that originally written and illustrated by Shinobu Kaitani. You can read this manga at http://www.onemanga.com/Liar_Game/. Enjoy yourself!

12 May, 2008


Heroes is a science fiction drama television series, created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The show tells the story of several people who "thought they were like everyone else... until they realized they have incredible abilities" such as telepathy, time travel, flight and spontaneous regeneration. These people soon realize they have a role in preventing a catastrophe and saving mankind. The series emulates the writing style of American comic books with short, multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing arc. Kring said "we have talked about where the show goes up to five seasons."

The Heroes Season 1 has just finished broadcasting on the channel of AXN Astro.. Feeling sad as I missed the Heroes series.. because I was in MMU on that time.. As I've heard, the Season 2 will be coming out in AXN Astro but, AXN never mention about the release date.. Then, we just have to wait for it =D This season 2 will have more mystery and intrigue is being developed. I am somehow not sure that how well the writers will be able to continue the legacy of the season 2..Hope they will doing more interesting and unique scenes for the HEROES!

Begins as a seemling ordinary group of people gradually aware that they possess own special superpower abilities. After learning what will happen near the future, the super-powered 'heroes' attempt to stop the serial killer Sylar who is believed to be the reason an explosion in New York City that would kill millions of its inhabitants.

Four months after the incident at Kirby Plaza, some of super-powered 'heroes' included a powerless Sylar have all survived the incident. Now, the main plot arc deals with the Company and its research on the Shanti virus. The 'heroes' have to ultimately come together in an attempt to stop the release of a deadly strain of the virus and avery a global pandemic.

This season will be coming out in America this September. This season plots about Sylar will be back with regained powers. THe story-line details are still unknown. We just wait and see =P Oh yeah, maybe the Season 3 will be possibly out next year as in Malaysia, the Season 2 will be coming out soon... The Season will tune in after the completion of Season 2 being broadcasted on Astro AXN or the TV channel, TV3...


The characters with extraordinary abilities. It is shown how difficult for them to live in our society, how they adapt, how they find their own ways in life.I think that this is more than X-Men but almsot same with Mutant X. This is about how to be different.. They can be good, they can be bad - they can be just normal. But sometimes you find unique ones.. :D They will save the humans in their world! They will think how and to act as the hero.. ^_^

After watching this HEROES for the first time, I started liking this series. This series is really totally different from X-Men or Mutant X. This series focuses more on the mankind unlike X-Men fighting Botherhood who have also possessed own superpower abilities or Mutant X getting rid of the 'evil' people who want to exploit those powers only. Their duties in HEROES is to protect all the mankind included powerless and innocent inhabitants.

The superpower abilities shown in this HEROES is very amazing, different from those exisiting superhero drama.. I really like to watch they using superpower abilities. Especially for Peter Petrelli's abilities, its unlike Rogue's abilities in X-Men, he is able to possess various kind of abilities he absorbed from people at any time and any will. His power is really special and unique. I like this ability. =D

What about you? Do you feel different? Do you wish to have your own abilites?

*My friend and I talked about their abilities.. He asked me whether what kind of abilities I would to possess if I am in HEROES world.. He said he will get his ability; reading minds! lolz

11 May, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club

Missing your school life after you have been working with your sweat for many years? Learning the tactics on how to court your favourite girl? Here's the suitable one for you... Ouran High School Host Club!


Ouran High School Host Club unfolds its story by Haruhi Fujioka, a poor female scholarship student looking for a quiet place to study, stumbles into the Host Club and meets a weirdo group of pretty boys. Their duty is to accompany girls, converse with them and simply entertain them casually.

Haruhi is mistaken being a guy and during her outburst, she tips over a very expensive case valued at ¥8,000,000 estimated to be US$80,000. So she's forced to pay off her dept as the club's dog "dog" and constantly ordered to do menial tasks like serving food or cleaning up The Club President, Tamaki without knowing her real gender, promotes Haruhi to "Host" after he discovered her potential talent.

Even after the truth leaks out in the Club, Haruhi continues the charade and of course still needs to work as a host in order to pay off the rest of her debt. To accomplish this, Haruhi conceals her true identity to customers. While working with the Host Club members, Haruhi learns how the weatlhy boys are and how different they are from everybody else.


I found out that the characters in Ouran High School have own uniqueness in their characters. Hmm, a weird male characters: The wild one, the shortie-cutie one, the gay-like brothers, the cool one and the blond one. And they have own colors... Haruhi is White, Tamaki is Red, Kyoya is Black, Hikaru is Blue, Kaoru is Orange, Hunny is Pink and Mori is Silver... -_- like Power Rangers.. That's why i called them as a weird group... hahaha

10 May, 2008

Onmyo Taisenki

I saw this anime in computer shop and decided to buy because the spirit or supernatural being are my favourites. So I tried to watch =P... Wow, its like Digimon, which the chosen ones use device to release monster. I really enjoy watching this anime.

For your information, Onmyo Taisenki is an anime series, produced by Sunrise, and monthly manga series. However, I never read manga before. Hahaa...


The story centers on Riku Tachibana, 12-year-old Japanese boy who lives with his adoptive grandfather near Tokyo was been taught a series of strange hand movements by his grandpa. Until the day his grandpa is attacked by a Shikigami, strange monsters with human owner near his shrine, Riku comes to the scene and his grandpa instructed him to trigger Drive, a device that is hidden within the shrine to get in contact with Kogenta of the Byakko, his Shikigami.

As Riku's grandpa goes on a journey, the 10-year old crybaby boy Souma Asaka and the 10-year old Taoist girl Nazuna rent rooms in Riku's house. The 17-year old handsome man Masaomi, who teaches Riku the secrets of Onmyoudou, dropps by eventually. The three of them also have 'contracts' with Shikigami.

The main of events of Onmyou Taisenki anime are related to the Chi-ryu, a powerful Japanese financial group related to the Onmyoudou; attempting to open the four Taiten, the 'Four Great Heavens' to free Utsuho, a boy who was born with the power to control yokai had been imprisoned for thousands of years.


This story is really very good and interesting which the plot of story shows a different expression of feeling, such as every character portrays own personalities. For example, when Kogenta is sent to hell, the friendship that bonded with Kogenta within Riku's heart won't fade out although his mind forget who is Kogenta! Masaomi was being manipulated by Utusho led to its confusion fused with anger. This story is full with some strong expressions such as justice, anger, hatred, happiness and friendship.

Normally, the main antagonist in other anime would be killed in the end but this anime is different. I won't tell you what exactly happened to the main antagonist. =P You better have to see it yourself. If I tell you earlier, then there would be no surprise for you. Haha... Anyway, the ending make me really touched and impressed.

You ought to see this anime, I insist. =D

09 May, 2008

Case Closed / Detective Conan

In my college time, my cousin brought this manga book Detective Conan that volumed the number of 27 to my house on the celebration of my grandpa's birthday. He left this book at my place after the celebration. So I took this book as my own possession afterwards.. Sorry to my cousin. ^_^

Well, Detective Conan, as known as Case Closed in America, is a detective manga and anime series by Gosho Aoyama which has been currently published since 1994.


The story starts with a 17-year-old high school student Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri who are on a trip to a theme park named Tropical Land encounter a murder there. After solving the case, he happens to track two mysterious men in black and tells Ran to go home, then witnesses an illegal deal. Unfortunately, he is knocked out and given an untested experimental poison named Apotoxin-4869. However, Shinichi still survives but has now been shrunk to a 6-year-old young child.

Telling the incident to Dr. Agasa Hiroshi, Dr. Agasa asks Shinichi not to tell anyone. Bad time somehow occurs when Ran comes to his house and spot him in child form. Ran asks for his name and Shinichi comes up the name of Conan Edogawa. Dr. Agasa asks Ran to let Conan live together since he is not able to take care of a young child. What's more is that Ran's father, Mouri Kogoro is a detective, so it is more convenient for Conan to amass clues about the men in black.

Still, Mouri Kogoro is an useless detecive and Conan always has to investigate and solves mysteries in his stead while he gets the credit. Thanks to Dr. Agasa for inventing gadgets which allows Conan to put Mouri in sleeping mode with an "anesthesia gun-watch" and mimic his voice with a voice changer disguised as a bowtie.

In order to cover his real identity, Conan studies in Teitan Elementary School and set up with Genta, Mitch, Ayumi and later Haibara to form Detective Boys. Shiho Miyano with her alias name; Haibara is a former member of the Black Organization, so Conan learns about the Black Organization, a huge international crime syndicate. Members in Black Organization takes after the brand name of alcohol drinks.

Later on in this story, Conan meets with Heiji Hatsutori, a rival detective from Osaka and becomes good friend. And also, the gentleman thief known as the Phantom Thief Kid who seems always intends to challenge Conan in addition to teasing him as well on some missions.

Now Conan continues to solve many cases happened along this story and needs to find a way to break through the Black Organization. And also, he wishes to revert his shrunken body to the normal body in order to realize his love to Ran Mouri.


Detective Conan has been currently running... a really long series~! @_@ But I am getting excited and excited with its story development. Every case happened won't be the same, but still Conan able to solve with a good result. That's what amazed me in that way. He is a real genius savant despite his body is being shrunken but his brain won't blunt!!! XD

08 May, 2008

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

This for all the guys who love to watch the TV serial drama; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (commonly referred to as CSI) is a popular, Emmy Award-winning CBS television series that trails the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes. There are two spin-offs to this show, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.

CSI has often been criticized for the level and gratuitousness of graphic violence, images, and sexual content. CSI being the most-watched program on television for the 2002–2003 TV season and the most-watched scripted show for five consecutive seasons, from the 2002–2007 season..

Sad, Sara don't work for CSI again.. Warrick get the serious problem while he was finding a real killer, Grissom and his team found out the weird science case.. Who will know what truth hidden in the grave of danger? Curious!

Now, we watch the latest of CSI season 8 in AXN Astro on every Wednesday, 10pm :D Catch up!

Visit the official website CSI

07 May, 2008

Shakugan no Shana

If you wish to fight using magic or some weapon freely during the school life, your dream can be realized by only buying this anime or reading manga called Shakugan no Shana. Well, last week I happened to finished watching this Shakugan no Shana. After browsing into Wikipedia, I learnt that Shakugan no Shana was originally a series of Japanese light novels that related media works written by Yashichiro Takahashi and illustrated by Noizi Ito.


This story centers on a male main character named Yuuji Sakai who had thought his normal days would last forever, however ends abruptly by encountering a strange incident.

It occurs when he sees something bizarre on his way home where the people are frozen in a strange fire and a large doll-like monster is attacking them. Just when he's about to be killed, a cloaked girl wielding a large katana appears and kills that monster. It's a Flama Haze, Shana! Although he still survives, she informs him that he is died indeed.

Proving a blue flame in his chest, she explains he is a temporary replacement for erased humans, Torch. Soon, they discover that he is not just common Torch but he is Mystes who houses a "Hougu", a device possessing special abilities of sort and considered an extremely powerful and valuable one at that. Thus, he is considered as a "Special" Torch which he can't vanish from the world so easily.

So the "treasure" within him is the main reason many enemies are after him. It causes Shana has decided to fight in order to protect Yuuji from the Denizens, who would use the treasure to disrupt the balance of the world. Yuuji decides to join Shana in her fight against Tomogora and other Haze as well.


I think this story is simply good but not enough excellent rating. =P The development of the characters somehow become interesting following the deep core of this story. The visual effect during the fight is pretty great and excellent which relates to the main concept, "Flame". Very impressive..really...

Maybe you have different opinion... but I recommend you to try watching or reading this. You can judge on your own way after watching or reading!

For your reference, you may find out at Wikipedia : Shakugan no Shana.

04 May, 2008

Shonen Onmyouji

A few months ago, I accidentally watched this anime on the TV channel; 8TV. It do attracted my attention. I however didn't follow up every episode as I was always forgot to catch up XD.. I heard from my friends that this anime is hardly found anywhere on the shop to be sold. Last Thursday, I went to Queensbay to buy movie ticket, I decided to drop in at Hong Kong Video Shop. Beyond my expectation, I found this anime in DVD format and bought it. =D


During Heian period, there is a person named Masahiro Abe who is a grandson of the legendary Onmyouji Seimei Abe. He however lost his sixth sense and spiritual sight which allows him to see the spirits because his grandpa saw his spiritual sight was too strong for his young age and decided to seal it away for his own safety. Until Masahiro meets a cat/dog-like monster, Mokkun, he then gains the spiritual sight and begins exterminating the evil spirit.

Little by little, Masahiro reveals his true power and his innate power is not as powerful as his grandpa. He somehow hates being compared with Seimei and always being provoked by Seimei on minor mistake causing Masahiro has to name his grandpa as "The Old Fox Demon". Hence, he decides to surpass his grandpa to be the best onmyouji. Thus, Mokkun as his proctector and other Shikigami slowly starting to acknowledge him as Seimei's real heir and successor.

He tries his best to
protects both youkai and people and stop the evil demons who had taken up residence surrounding the imperial capital from the unknown land in Western. He also keeps his promise of protecting the Princess Akiko of the Fujiwara Clan who is being targeted by the evil demons.


Kyuuki, a winged tiger from the West has been forced to evacuate to Japan after being heavily injured by another demon. He desires to eat Princess Akiko to replenish his spirit powers and heal his wounds. Thanks to him and an army of demons from the unknown Land in West, Masahiro begins harnessing the true power of the onmyouji to defeat them.


A mysterious woman summons the vengeful spirit to wreck havoc in the imperial capital as the vengeful spirit tries to drain Yukinari's life. At same time, that mysterious woman appears to kill Seimei. From here, the event from fifty years ago begins to reveal and Masahiro learns the real truth about Guren. Someone is trying to open the gate to the underworld so he captures and controls Guren to unlock the gate to the underworld. Masahiro has to undergo the ultimate test.


What I feel amazed about this serial anime is those character development as following in the story, the characteristic attributes shown in their own perception is getting deeper and stronger as they acts as protectors to each others...@_@ and getting their relationship strongly bonded and binded. Sounds like they have affection towards each others like they are not brothers O_O but it's not shonen incest =P

Besides that, the magic and fights are pretty good and fun. Masahiro may is not so powerful as his grandpa is. However, he still strive to
improve and enhance his skills to get through victories with the aid of Guren/Mokkun or/and other Shikigami.

Oh, saying about Mokkun, he is really mischievous little creature. When he is in a disgust of Mokkun, he is such jerk, always playing trick on people who is unable to see him. What's more is that he only plays trick on people who messes with Masahiro. That's so cuute when his actions irritate Masahiro!!

Go buy this anime and you will enjoy this anime for sure ^_^

03 May, 2008

Engine Sentai Go-Onger

If you are Grand Prix fan or any vehicle freak or Transformers fan, I'd like to recommend you this Japanese tokusatsu serial drama, Engine Sentai Go-Onger, which is currently on-going in Japan now. It's one of Toei Company's thirty-two Super Sentai serial dramas for this year. This year, Toei Company brings the motif of animals in this Go-Onger and magnifies on the motor industry and environmental issues as well.


The peace in our Earth, more known as the Human World is being interrupted by some enemies known as the Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark who escaped from Machine World after losing in the war. The Machine World is the one of the eleven Frame Dimension including our realm, Human World and the Machine World is the homes to the giant vehicular beings called Engines. Before that, the Engines has waged a war against the Gaiark who wish to pollute their world. Upon the Gaiark's defeat, they got through time and space to escape and ended up on the Earth.

The Gaiark sees the Human World as a good location which they can pollute to the perfection which refers to their own ideal paradise. So they begin wrecking havoc on the Earth by sending their machine beasts to pollute the lands, lakes or air. Luckily, the Engines managed to pursue them to Earth thus recruit three humans to be their partners, the Go-Ongers since they cannot exist in giant form and thus remove their Engine Souls to assume small forms called Engine Casts. Later the teams are joined by two more Go-Ongers whose two Engines managed to enter the Human World as well along with the legendary Gian Engine Carrigator!

Now together the Go-Ongers with the Engines have to fight the Gaiark in order to protect the Human World and other Dimension World.


A few months ago when I feel bored and wanna get rid of boredness, so I browsed into www.youtube.com and came across this Japanese tokusatsu television drama, Go-Onger. I found out that this drama is a very interesting and funny story. ^_^

Totally different from the previous dramas, the heroes acted such childish and innocent kids.. they always picked on each others for small things...which makes me laugh of loud until my parents thought I went nutty. XD Their portraying own character are very satisfying yet at children level. =P

What's more is that the Mecha in this serial drama called the Engines. Also different from the other Mecha in the previous ones, the Engines are really a giant vehicular being and they even can talk... wow wow!!! When they are not in Engine mode, they would appear out from their morpher and looks like a chibi in 2D form. Very cute ^_^

To follow this serial drama, you can surf into www.veoh.com and type "Go-Onger" as key search. There also have some videos that are available with the English subtitle. FYI, the Go-Onger serial drama is no longer available on www.youtube.com.

Oh yeah, the status of Go-Onger is still on-going in Japan for now on... What's more is that soon or later, the Go-Ongers will be joined by new Go-Onger and also perhaps many Engines come to their aid.. Sounds curious? See it for yourself.. Enjoy it ^_^

02 May, 2008

Iron Man

Yesterday I went to cinema to watch the film, Iron Man with my friends... The cinema was almost full of audiences. >_<>


The story begins with Tony Stark,a weapon inventor and designer is kidnapped by a terrorist group called the Ten Rings when he is in Afghanistan to introduce his new missile design; The Jericho to U.S Air Force. While attempting to kidnap Tony Stark, Stark was injured by some pieces of shrapnel embedded near his heart. Upon gaining consciousness, he is ordered to create a weapon and given a workshop to work on.

Instead of creating a weapon for the terrorist group, he designed a bulletproof suit of power armor to escape and free from their captive. Back in U.S, he announces his company will no longer produce weapon, which makes Obadiah Stane being furious and remove Tony Stark as CEO of the company. Stark develops an upgraded suit complete with advanced weapon and flying. In meantime, Stane steals Stark's first blueprint of the armor then builds own version to kill Stark.

Learning Stane's true intention, Stark dons the armor and eventually faces off against Stane thus defeats him with the help of his best friend, Jim Rhodes and his interest love, Pepper Potts. In the end, Stark reveal that he is indeed Iron Man despite Rhodes's advice.


Well, I never read the comic, Iron Man, so I don't know what is the difference between the comic and the live-action film.. The action scene is not so much as it rather being focused on the introduction of Iron Man being created in first time. However, when it comes to the scene where Stark has to face off against Stane, Iron Man really did a good performance which looks like a scene when a single Power Ranger has to fight with a mechanic beast... Haha, it's at least funny and entertaining rather than being disappointed. I hope the second sequel of Iron Man would be more entertaining with better storyline, extremely drastic actions and "dangerous" villains!

01 May, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom


An American teenager, Jason Tripitakas (Michael Angarano) who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King (Jet Li). With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China.

From there, he meets the drunken kungfu master, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan); and some crews of warriors, who lead him on his quest to return the staff to its rightful owner, the Monkey King who is imprisoned in stone by the evil Jade Warlod (Collin Chou) for five hundred years.

See trailer: http://www.forbiddenkingdommovie.com/


For me, this story is ok but, got comedy! :D It is the kung fu action-adventure The Forbidden Kingdom features..But, I like the fighting scene; Jet Li used the monk's technique when he is fighting with Jacky who used the drunken master technique, like stone vs paper (soft)...I think that Jet Li and Jackie Chan are such like yin and yang! :D In the Forbidden Kingdom, Jet Li acted as Monkey King but, it is not enough good as the character Monkey King is supposed to have some funny and naughty personality! He better to practice to act as funny and playful character! Because Monkey King love to play and tease people~! :P

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